My Second Post….What to name it?

Hmmm…So, I was reminded.  “It’s time to post to your blog”!  Really?  It’s been a week already? Wow. A week goes by awfully fast even when you haven’t been that busy.  For many of you, you know that my dear to my heart doggie went totally blind in a matter of two weeks last October.  Well, today I have decided she is finally back to her normal self. As normal as a dog can be with no eyesight. From October to April she gained 13 pounds.  That’s a lot for a dog who only weighed 40 to start with.  She has been on a diet of dry dog food, mixed with steamed broccoli and green beans for the past two weeks.  I was actually quite surprised that she gobble up the veggies as if they were steaks.  Good thing. We haven’t been to the vet for a weigh in yet, but she does look slightly thinner.  Slight being the key word…hoping it isn’t my wishful imagination! Well…that’s all I have to say for this week.  Maybe next week will be more newsy. This is Ziggy in her “thinner” days.


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