Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a memorable and happy holiday season this year. While I love the holiday season, this time of year is very stressful for caregivers. I made the decision a few months back that we would not do any celebrating for the season. It has taken a lot of stress off me. Not having to worry about gift giving, buying gifts, sending cards, baking, partying, etc. just makes day to day life in a Alzheimer household less tiring and, of course, less stressful. At the rate we are going at the moment, next season may be different. I am at the moment researching quite aggressively permanent memory care facilities and other options. Affordability is the keyword. And sanity is the other keyword! Yesterday was my first “free” day I have had in months…actually close to a year. It was exhilerating. The only problem is, today the downside came crashing in. As many of you know, getting an Alzheimers patient to keep up with their hygiene is daunting. Hubby was told to please change your clothes. After much prodding he went to his bedroom. I was cleaning up the kitchen in the meantime. We were planning on going to lunch. His choice of clothing was a golf shirt and a pair of knit boxer style underwear topped off with socks and shoes…no pants! I said you need to put pants on. The conversation continued…we are still here at home…just waiting for pants…ugh…reminder to me…some day I will see the humor!

So in the meantime here is a fun little shadowbox I made last week.


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Pam I am sending you prayers and hugs. It is so hard to be a caregiver and watch those you love drift away. Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease. I encourage you to seek out any ‘respite’ time you can get. It is only with time away for yourself that you will be strong enough to go through this. There should be organizations in your area that can help you with care facilities, talk with your Dr.s. I love your work and hope you continue to do it as your therapy. I have used creativity as my therapy for years (painting, paper crafting the works) and it is my comfort zone. Praying you will find a space for ‘you’.

  2. Pam – you are constantly in my prayers – God bless you for all you are doing. May you have a stress free Christmas and a brighter New Year. Love you, Mary

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