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pam hs

Hello everyone… I’m Pam, and I am an inkaholic.  I love working with ink, and everything related to it.  I got my start when I was approximately 10 years old.   My school pal came to the house one day. For lack of anything to do, I got my dime store watercolors out and the little old brush that comes with it.  Mary went to work, and I watched!  She painted an absolutely beautiful picture of a bird.  How’d she do that?!  I was so envious…I wanted to be just like her.  My father had a job where they would have big lists of parts on paper pads.  He would bring those home for me to doodle on rather than toss in the garbage.  I was learning to recycle even back then… like the 60’s.  I would take my pad, pencil and the newspaper and try to copy the fashion drawings. In those days graphic designers were actually artists.  I practiced probably for a good one to two years.  I could copy anything that was drawn.  By the time I got to high school I would venture a guess that I could redraw anything.  But, it was home economics that changed my course.  I learned to sew and I loved it!  Art was left on the back burner.  Years went by.

We moved to Florida in the late 90’s.  And, of course, I took up the game of golf!  While having lunch one day a new found friend said to me her neighbor was an art teacher and taught in his home.  My brain was going lickety split…what???  An art teacher in our neighborhood?  Wowzer…I needed to meet this guy!  As soon as my golf shoes hit the door, I was on the phone… where and when are these lessons?  The following week I took my little bag of goodies that included a few colors of watercolor tubes a couple of brushes, a sheet of watercolor paper and a picture of what I wanted to paint.  I was thinking…this is a real stretch.  All I can do is draw with a pencil.  I fell in love, totally in love with watercolor painting.  I took lessons for about five months.  Just typing this makes me want to go back!  I painted for about two to three years.  Gave some away, have a bunch framed and hanging in my home.  Then I stopped.  The darned sewing machine started calling my name again.  Back to sewing…quilts this time.

I have a summer home in my hometown in Wisconsin.  While up there one summer, a friend said, hey why don’t you come to a card making class with me sometime.  I went.  Actually went to about 4 or 5 classes… Stamping Up classes.  I couldn’t buy a whole lot since all of it would have to be carted back to Wisconsin and there wasn’t much spare space with the dog, me, golf clubs and all the other stuff I carry back and forth.  I got a wild hair one day and thought, maybe I should hostess a workshop just before I go back down to Florida.  That way everything can be mailed down to me.  Oh, silly me!  I now have a studio full of ink, paper, punches, stamps…you name it…I have it!  Everything else is somewhere in there, too.

I love making pieces of paper art. I love the instant gratification.  It only takes a few minutes to make a card and maybe a couple of hours to do something more intricate.  A water color painting and quilts for that matter take weeks, and sometimes months to finish.  So, now when you come to visit me in my home, more than likely you will find me above the garage where my studio is.  When the weather is mild, my doors are flung open and the breeze and sun pours in while the paper flutters.  I love working along with the sound of singing birds and buzzing bugs.  You will hear nothing but paper being cut, the subtle thumping of ink pads and stamps, and the soft hiss of a sponge on paper smoothing on the ink.

Pam’s Paper Playhouse is exactly as it is written… play time!!!  And, I must not forget the most important part of my Playhouse… My Supervisor!!!  Miss Ziggy.  She’s the best!  My BFF!!!








2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Pam, JudySmith just told me about your blog and I am super impressed! Cards are beautiful, but best of all….I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Ziggy. Yeah!…we are both doggie Moms. Judy and I would love to take a class so just let us know when you are Schedualing one…..Teri O’Brien

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